Decentralized Finance

We are inspired by new breakthrough technologies and believe that blockchain will empower the future of finance. Our team has a substantial experience in distributed systems development using different blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Hedera Network.
We can help you define and refine your software product requirements, select the right technologies and chains, design UI and UX, develop and test your software product, and deploy it in a distributed ecosystem. You can also rely on us for further technical support and product development.

Smart contract<br>development

Smart contract

We cover both EVM-compatible and non EVM-compatible blockchains smart contracts development, including adaptation of an existing open protocols for your needs or building a completely new protocol from scratch according to your requirements
Audit of smart<br>contracts

Audit of smart

Security holes, bugs, and sub-optimal code are very costly when smart contracts are uploaded to the network. We can help you to decrease these risks by arranging both internal (conducted by our team) and external (conducted by leading infosec agencies) smart contracts audits.
Development of decentralized exchanges

Development of decentralized exchanges

We have an extensive experience in building different types of exchanges - Uniswap-like and Balancer-like on various blockchains. Our team has a deep understanding of automated market makers tech empowering the most sophisticated and trusted DEX’es currently on the market.

ExpX is a New Zealand-led project, with staff and partners all around the world, including Dubai, Russia and Singapore.
The core ExpX team includes successful IT entrepreneurs, past winners of prestigious mathematics and programming championships, and blockchain/Smart Contracts experts. project project project

ExpX is a platform allowing anyone to both invest in and create decentralized cryptocurrency Index Funds, with automatic 24/7 rebalancing and additional revenue generation from farming and swap commissions.
The goal of ExpX is to enable everyone to invest in cryptocurrency easily, creating a win-win scenario for both liquidity holders and new traders in this new asset class. project project project project project project project project project
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